How to repair the slit lamp

1. Changing light source
Light source damage: First of all, according to the requirements of the specifications of the light source replacement. The source of the instrument is halogen tungsten lamp, but do not think that just a new light source can be, must be the position of the filament in the center of the Light Road. The test method is: After the lamp is installed, the position of the light moving lights around, see the situation of the fissure, when the crack like the most evenly lit light, fixed light source.

2. Microscope eyepiece Lens Because of the long-term use of dust and dirt: can first with the rubber nozzle blown dust and then use the lens paper to wipe it clean, if there is still oil, can be stained with water alcohol scrub.
3. The illumination system differs from the micro-system axis: that is, a rotating slit arm or a micro arm fissure appears to run out of the microscope field of vision or can not be in the center of view. Take the Tlx-ⅱ type slit lamp microscope of Suzhou As an example, its repair method, insert the Coke rod, find the top of the 450 reflector of the lighting system with a barrel, in this barrel of the lower wall has 4 fastening screws, after loosening can gently rotate, rotate sleeve barrels, so that the crack light in the center of the Focus bar, and then tighten the screws, rotating the fractured arm, that is, visible cracks always appear in the same position in the bar, this situation is the need for the same axis of the same focal.

4. The fissure is like the center of a circular aperture with burrs or positions: The handwheel for general fissures and adjustments is fitted together. To eliminate these two kinds of fault must be removed from this part of the whole, the cracks like a burr, is generally a crack on the sticky piece of dirt on the cause, cleaning away dirt can be. When cleaning the dirty things must be careful not to use lens paper or cotton wool, etc., to use a clean and smooth paper or special resin lens, CD-ROM to wipe the mirror cloth. If the slit is not in the center by the microscope, it can be accomplished by adjusting and adjusting the size of the fracture on the same axis as the thickness of the circular plate. When the fissure is like the top or bottom of the microscope and is not in the center, the screws can be adjusted horizontally by adjusting the microscope so that the slit seams appear in the center of the microscope screen.

5. Fracture size can not be fixed: The fissure is composed of two equal blades, the two blades are fitted with springs, its effect is to make the two blades closed. The size of the fracture is accomplished by adjusting the thickness of the front that is said to be sandwiched between the fissures. The thicker the corresponding thickness, the wider the fissure, that is to say, except the thinnest point (that is, when the fissure is closed) The fracture size spiral is always subjected to a rotational force to turn it to the crack closure. To make the fracture size fixed, the factory is generally in the knob inside the wall plus a felt pad, outside the pressure spring, mat and instrument wall friction, to prevent its own rotation. Therefore, the size of the crack can not be fixed, as long as the pressure on the mat spring can be. If this method is not the spirit, can be removed by removing the knob, the method of thick mat pad to ensure that the gap width fixed.