Fundus fluorescein Radiography Examination Instrument

The new Touch screen Control Panel makes the switching of the fundus camera settings quicker and simpler. *WI-TRC-50DX (Type IA) has a new “spontaneous fluorescence” function, which can be used to study the fundus “spontaneous fluorescence” of retinal pigment epithelium (RPE) without injecting contrast agent, and further expand the diagnosis and application level. * the “compact” function significantly enhances the depth of the camera, making the focus easier and the imaging sharper. *imagenet Professional software function and TRC-50DX seamless combination, expand and strengthen the clinical digital image application, can automatically identify WI-TRC-50DX used filter and CCD camera, automatically switch to the corresponding photographic function page.

Digital Slit Lamp Microscope SLM-3ER-E
Digital Slit Lamp Microscope SLM-3ER-E</div

Hraplusâ…± fundus angiography, using laser source confocal synchronous radiography, with high resolution, can synchronously shoot the retina and choroid two layers of images, for the diagnosis of choroidal vascular disease is of great value. The use of laser brightness is weak, the patient is not feeling light. Radiography can still be performed under the condition that small pupil or refractive media are not clear. The results are more objective, accurate and dynamic, thus providing valuable evidence for clinical diagnosis, prognosis evaluation, treatment, curative effect observation and pathogenesis.